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Tabor Porter

Oregon artist Tabor Porter has been a jeweler and metal smith since 1996. He received his education in the diverse field of metals at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Tabor completely hand-fabricates his whimsical line of jewelry from non-ferrous metals such as silver, bronze, copper and gold. He chooses to work with familiar motifs such as the hand, heart, animal forms and expresses them with his own special style. These pieces of unique jewelry may feature several fabrication techniques at once. Tabor cuts each shape and then solders the stamped and engraved pieces together into a finished work. If needed semi-precious stones are added.

In addition to crafting jewelry, Tabor is an avid collector of "precious" things and has recently begun to carve and sculpt. Two of his fabricated pieces have been accepted into the permanent collection of the Tacoma art Museum's collection of North West artists. The Real Mother Goose has shown Tabor Porter's spirited work for over ten years and we feel confident that it will add some cheer to your collection as well.

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