Casey Doolaege - Faceted beautiful Golden Beryl 1.19ct in

14kt white gold flower design

Size 6.75


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Casey Doolaege Ring

SKU: Casdoo 54
  • Dooleage is a family business with 30 years of jewelry fabrication experience using only the finest Gemstones. Their unique style of cutting, stamping, bending and fusing gold and precious metals, combined with an eye for proportions is what defines their designs. Made with the finest attention to detail and craftsmanship, no two pieces are ever completely alike. Each piece is handmade from beginning to end by a masterful jeweler. Their designs are eloquent and well thought out, with special care and attention given to comfort and wearability. There is no rushing this process. Each design begins as a doodle on graph paper that is worked around a beautiful gemstone. The final design is a combination of scientific knowledge, technical skill, artistic conception, and flawless execution.