Sitting Chalkboard Chicken with red feet and white polka dots 15" tall, toes to tail 17". Coated with a chalkboard covering, they can be used to write messages on or just as decoration (meant for indoor use). 


Chalkboard Chicken

SKU: Chicks 245
  • Erich & Cynthie Mosier: Chalkboard chickens are handcrafted whimsical pieces of art that quickly go from being a fun sculpture to becoming a part of the family. You can use them to leave messages for your family, write grocery lists, leave quick little love notes, play an impromptu game of tic-tac-toe, or whatever you feel like writing. Take one home and add a bit of fun to the routine of your daily life.  Hand crafted with a purposeful flair and a strong sense of humor, our love affair with the chickens has a long and rich history. "First spotted in the Real Mother Goose gallery in Portland, my whole family fell in love with the comical birds. On every trip to Portland we visited the gallery and when the enterprise became available, we bought it. We converted our Oregon barn into a ceramic chicken coop, within a few weeks we were in business. Custom painting, feather boas, high-heels, and even rain boots transforms each chicken into a unique and lovable piece of art.