Dena Clark - Champagne Oregon Sunstone 1.1ct (7mm round) in 18kt yellow gold setting

Size 7


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Dena Clark Ring

SKU: Dencla 211
  • Dena Clark- Oregon Sunstone is a naturally occurring gemstone formed and crystallized in the ancient volcanic flows where copper was one of the existing elements.  Sunstones are found in other parts of the world, but only Oregon produces such magnificent color combinations, ranging from “water clear,” “champagne,” “soft pinks,” “blood red,” green,” and “teal blue.” Some of the deeper colored stones have bands of colors and show different colors when viewed from different directions. Copper inclusions create a Schiller effect in some of the pinkish/orange stones, and it is said that those stones contain “a piece of the sun.”  Native Americans used these transparent, glittering gems as trading stones and to enhance their medicine wheels as well as in sacred bundles and burial sites. History also mentions that they were traded to Vikings who used them as navigational stones. Sunstones are said to have healing properties, project personal power, freedom, expanded consciousness, mental clarity, openness, benevolence, and strength. They are said to reflect the quality of “Solar Light” more than any other stone on Earth.