Moon Mountain Woods - 4 string door harp with Maple border and decorative hardwood inlay - In the over 700 year tradition of Scandinavians, the door harp was inspired by the Chinese Feng Shui to bring good energy in and good energy out. Each door harp is made only with natural and sustainable hardwoods making them last a lifetime!

Door Harp - 4 String

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  • Todd Preimsberg, Oregon. "Moon Mountain Woods was started by a craftsman by the name of Gary Upton about 35 years ago. It was formerly known as Gary Upton Woodworking, which was based out of Grass Valley, California. After some time, the business was sold and became Apple Woods. Bob Murphy, also from Grass Valley, purchased the business around 2005 and changed the name to Moon Mountain Woods. The company flourished under Bob's tutelage in sales, products, and quality. This is what was so intriguing about the company and piqued my interest enough to purchase Moon Mountain Woods in 2020. Under Bob's mentorship, I was exposed to the intricate necessities required to not only maintain the business, but to hopefully grow the business by adding new products. I look forward to this challenge and the opportunity to provide customers with handmade products that can last a lifetime.