V-lites are simple accent lights with clean lines. They are made of a hand-blown glass cone and hand-formed black glass base. Approximately 20″-22” tall, V-lites are wired with one standard porcelain socket for a single dimmable bulb. An in-line dimmer switch, on the cord, varies the light from a soft glow to full strength. All parts comply with all applicable UL standards. Each lamp is signed and dated. Glass is available in a variety of colors. All pieces are made by hand. Minor variations in color, size, and form are intrinsic to the hand-working process and contribute to the natural beauty of the final piece. Custom orders available. Sizes are approximate.


** V-lites are made to order and will ship in approximatly 8 weeks.  Please call for more information.

Glasslight V-lite

SKU: Glassl 300
  • Joel’s lifelong passion for glassblowing began in his college days at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It was the early 1970’s and the school had just opened its School of American Craftsmen’s glassblowing program. Following these initial introductions, Joel went on to teach himself the craft and by the late 1970’s had built his own shop. It was at this time that he and his wife, Candace Luke-Bless established what would become Glasslight. Since then, Joel has refined and honed his work constantly innovating techniques and designing new pieces. His products have ranged from small table lamps to Judaica to his newest endeavor, large-scale chandeliers. Candace began her career as an artist after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Fine Arts degree. While she had majored in printmaking, she became engaged in the art of Glassblowing through her husband, Joel Bless. Candace finds the colors achievable in the medium of glass truly inspirational. She went on to design the form and color composition of many of the pieces Glasslight produces. Candace also developed and pioneered Glasslight’s line of fused glass work which range from custom tiles and bowls to large table tops.