Joseph Enszo - The intricate murrine in this bowl are handcrafted in extreme detail, with many layers of subtle color meticulously layered until they glow from within.

Approx 11" Width, 9” Length, 4". **Orders placed after December 10 will ship after Christmas Deep

Joseph Enszo Pale Ruby Pink and Spring Green Nido Bowl

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  • Joseph Enszo- Taking inspiration from macro and microscopic designs, Joseph Enszo utilizes traditional Italian techniques, redesigned to emphasize the natural properties of glass under various physical forces. Enszo's aesthetic is a unique intersection of 3 components: Italian decorativeness, Eastern simplicity, and a reference to natural science.The process begins with thousands of individual handmade murrine, which are laid out and fused into flat compositions, which in turn are cut on a water-cooled diamond saw, ground and smoothed with a wet belt sander, and sometimes sandblasted. Finally the piece goes back to the kiln for slumping, fire-polishing, and annealing. Food Safe. Hand Wash. Each piece is unique. Exact coloration and patterning will vary from piece to piece. Portland, Oregon.