Kyle Kraiter - Square "Twist" vase in green. A thick layer of glass is molded by hand around a small colorful vase, causing the illusion of color dancing about the piece appearing and disappearing as if by magic. Perfect for holding a few freshly cut flowers or displaying in any room of the house.

Approximately 7" tall by 2" wide

Kyle Kraiter Vase

SKU: Kraite 10
  • Kyle Kraiter is a native Oregonian who fell in love with glass while studying psychology.  What began in 2000 as a year-long break to attend glass school in New Zealand turned into a nine-country international glass odyssey and a permanent glass career.  The varied influences of his worldwide travels have all shaped his work, but Kyle, a surfer since childhood, credits the smooth flowing lines of the ocean as his biggest inspiration. Kyle makes drinking glasses that lean in and invite you to drink from them, vases that are super-cooled and cracked to expose swirling colors beneath, and bowls that twist down into infinity. Whether he is fashioning an intricate lava-patterned bowl or assembling a riveting architectural installation, all of Kyle’s work reflects a unique style of form, function, and beauty.