Leonie Lacouette - Jane 30 Pendulum Clock - Red & Black.

This larger wall clock has a wooden background with etched grooves separating the different hand-painted color blocks. The top section is deep red with tanslucent black. The bottom is textured black on black. The raised, square face is textured stainless steel, and the round steel pendulum swings behind a cutout in the background. 30" x 12" x 2"


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Leonie Lacouette Wall Clock

SKU: Lacoue 109
  • Leonie Lacouette manages to strike a balance between concepts and influences that otherwise might seem like polar opposites-her elegant clocks successfully reconcile the strict geometries of Minimalism with a warm, approachable palette of colored patinas on the copper and nickel that predominate her designs. Created from a basic language of circles, squares, ovals, and rectangles, the clocks are not only beautiful, but often playful as well. Beauty meets functionality in these clocks as Lacouette continues to create new designs that refine the perfection of both. "I'm a mechanic as well as an artist," she says, "these things need to function, after all." She is dedicated to creating clocks that are modernist but affable, fusing geometric abstraction with softened edges and organic warmth.