Lindemann Glass - Green glass frog. 6" at widest point and 1.5" tall. To be displayed flat or can be hung to a window or wall as if it's climbing up the wall.

Lindemann Glass Frog

SKU: Lindem 8 G
  • Tim Lindemann’s beautiful, organic glass sculptures are a product of the vision he had after participating in a class taught by Venetian master Cesare Toffolo, at the famed Pilchuck Glass School in 2000 and through further study with Robert Mickelsen at the Eugene Glass School. Realizing the potential of the medium, he set out on a new course of creativity, challenging the skills he’d honed in the latter part of the 1990s. The exciting, colorful pieces he’s created since then have gained him a solid following in the increasingly popular field of lampworking. Lindemann draws upon both his childhood experiences in the Santa Barbara mountains, as well as his studies in biology, to inspire the unique naturalistic themes in his work. Timothy currently resides in the beach town of Carpinteria, CA.