Don Carlson - Bright glass cherries made of brilliant golden blown glass with an arcing stem of black glass. Each piece is unique; the way that each individual stem is bent may alter the height slightly. Approx. 6" tall 2.5x2.5" cherry

Little Glass Rainer Cherry

SKU: Dcarls 512
  • In 1967 Donald Carlson embarked on a career that would turn his life around.  Prior to working towards refining the ancient art of glassblowing, he had contemplated pursuing the field of marketing.  Instead, he built a small studio at his home and took on the challenge of making glass.  While his work is available in a multitude of colors, it is the color red that has captured his imagination.  All colors of glass, with the exception of red, are easily made.  To secure the desired color, all one has to do is add the appropriate amount of chemicals.  But with red, one has to add the correct amount of chemicals in addition to working with numerous variables.  These variables are hard to measure, let alone control.  If they aren't always in total control, the color is not consistent.  It is these technical problems that give Donald the challenge he enjoys with making red glass. Internationally known, Carlson Art Glass is represented in most major glass collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian, and the Corning Museum.  Donald Carlson's glass expertise spans six decades and his original studio in California was one of the first private studios established in the world. Without the use of molds, Donald's years of experience and creativity are best reflected in his beautifully proportioned work.  Donald continues to make every piece himself and each is signed and registered at his current studio in Oregon.