Mikutowski Voyage Picture Frame-this 5x7 horizontal frame is made of solid wood. The easy to use wood picture frame will be sure to add a special touch to any nightstand, book shelf or end table. Subdued asymmetry in this 5 x 7 horizontal frame is aesthetically pleasing and lends an aura of calm to any space. The frame features conveniently removable glass and a black, easy to clean, textured back piece. Simply place your favorite photo or award certificate between the glass and back piece, then slide it into the picture frame from the top.

Mikitowski Wood Picture Frame

SKU: Mikuto 647
  • In pursuit of a superior product, handmade jigs, custom pieces and even equipment are all designed by the woodworkers. The woodworking techniques may be described as “old-school”, but it only adds to the character of the line. Each jewelry box is still expertly hand sanded to a smooth buttery finish. In addition, all products are finely detailed by hand. Furthermore, stain is never used in the manufacturing process. The wood’s natural grain is the star and it should shine through in the final product. Only a water based and eco friendly coat is applied to the pieces in order to give a beautiful luster and protection. Aside from the laser engraving machine, no computerized equipment is utilized. Each Mikutowski Woodworking piece is certainly deserving of its “handcrafted” designation! Whether it’s a small desk item or a large jewelry chest, the passion is evident in the masterful workmanship and fine details of each piece. From the signature shape work to carefully chosen lumber, each piece is handled with the utmost care and dedication.