Mullanium - Oval clock face dial pendant with charm drops in mixed metals including brass, sterling silver and copper. 

Toggle closure.


The oval is 1.5" wide. The dial at its center is .75" diameter.

The dangles are 1.5" below the oval. 18" total length

Mullanium Necklace

SKU: Mullan 2173
  • Tiny Desk Designs is a signature jewelry collection from artist Valerie Graham’s studio based out of Portland, Oregon. For over twenty years, Valerie has been creating wearable treasures using rare and precious gemstones, sterling silver, fine silver, and high karat gold via advanced metalsmithing techniques. Valerie creates tiny artworks by blending metals, gemstones and metal flourishes, into unique, wearable jewelry. This craft has been her joy for over two decades – from engaging in her first jewelry studies at Rhode Island School of Design to receiving a BFA in Crafts from the University of the Arts in 2000 and completing the Bench Jeweler program at Portland Jewelry Academy in 2016. Valerie spent several years studying glass techniques and working as a glassblower. Her time in the hot shop, working with timing and temperature, has greatly inspired her metalwork, including the fusing and granulation techniques used in her current line. Her years of travel have also greatly inspired her work. From the graphic layers of graffiti she spotted on the trains in Philadelphia to the emoji imagery she loved to see while living in Japan to the connection to nature she feels on a rainy Portland day –these vivid experiences inform her as an artist and maker.