Patrick Horsley - Stoneware triangular bowl.


The surface is a semi-matte glazed surface. 


3" tall with 10" sides

Patrick Horsley - Stoneware Pottery

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  • Patrick Horsley - “When you’re making pottery, it is for other people. Pottery is based on people and people using it. I make a lot of pots that aren’t utilitarian. I make vases and platters where their function is more aesthetic, but you have to make the thing that is true to you. I have to make things that I want to make a number of. You really need to do what you want to do and what you think is the best. I never run out of ideas. I run out of time to do all the ideas, but I don’t run out of ideas.   Living in Oregon and being an artist, there are lots of influences. Parts of my work are reminiscent of the columnar basalt in the Columbia Gorge. I really enjoy the eastern side of the Oregon Cascades where all the basalt is exposed. I love the texture and the yellow-green lichen that grows on it.  Architects are always making things for people to use — a similar thing that potters do. They have to have a reasonable entry into the building. They need to be inviting on the outside so people will want to come inside.”