Peter James - The "tangled web you weave" pendant (0.75" diameter), in 14kt gold fill and sterling silver on a 1.2mm, 16" sterling silver snake chain

Peter James Necklace

SKU: Pjames 9121
  • In 1971, Peter James was founded by James Bess and Peter Moretti, the line was named from their first names. In 1972 John Peterson came aboard the team and two years later Lynette Matson was hired. The two of them met, fell in love and eventually took it over. In 1982 their daughter Erika was born, and in 2006 she joined the team.  Designers Lynette and Erika are a mother/daughter team, their co-designing brings together their different histories and training, combining to create pieces that are both timeless and elegant while also pushing the envelope when it comes to dramatic flair and style. The hand forged pieces transform wire and sheet metals into wearable works of art. Their work is made by hand, mostly using sterling silver and 14k gold filled.