Robin and John Gumaelius - One of a Kind - Ceramic Sculpture -

"A Thoughtful Posture"

Front, back and sides of each sculpture are carved with images, painted in colors and tell different stories. 

14" x 3" x 3"

Robin and John Gumaelius Sculpture

SKU: Robgum 171
  • Robin and John Gumaelius incorporate steel, ceramic and wood to create animated human and birdlike sculptures. Robin creates all the colorful ceramic surface imagery and complex decorative glazes, and then John takes over and adds the exquisite metal armatures that bring the sculptures to life. In a highly unusual working relationship, Robin and John combine their skills and imaginations together as an artistic team to build a singularly unusual world out of clay and metal. "We build our birds and figures using clay slabs. When the pieces are leather hard, we paint them with underglazes. Then we carve through the painted surface to the white clay. Radio stories, history books, biking adventures, gardening notes, neighbors spied, strangers watched in stores and parks and cars jangle together in our heads and come so freely to our fingers that when we see the pieces finished we are often delighted--as if we are not their creators; they just come to talk with us for a while and then leave again."