Romeo Glass - Set of two hand-blown "Spider" pattern wine glasses.  Blues, golds, and purples glow behind silver webbing on these elegant glasses. The iridescence is created using reactive titanium and clear glass threading.

9.25" Tall

Romeo "Spider" Wine Glasses

SKU: Romeo 160
  • Minh Martin was born in Saigon, Vietnam and spent his early years in the Philippines.  Upon returning to the US, his family lived in Lancaster Country, PA, in the Mennonite community from which both his parents derived.  He attended Yale University where he majored in Geophysics and where, in his final year, he discovered the art department and took sculpture classes.  Upon graduation, he moved to Santa Barbara, CA, where he met The Great Bri'oni and was introduced to the art of glass.  After two years of apprenticeship, Bri'oni kicked him out and he returned east.  He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife and four children.