Vines Art Glass - "Seed Pot Cherry Blossom" Vase.  A golden beige vase is the canvas for a design that conjures up images of a cherry trees in bloom.  Woven from molten glass, silver black branches intermingle with gold stone flecks, white blossoms and a splash of fire-like red.

7" x 6"

Seed Pot Cherry Blossom Vase

SKU: Vines 132
  • Bryce Dimitruk began creating art from hot and cold glass in 1998 while working at the internationally recognized Steven Lundberg Art Glass Studio in Santa Cruz, California. During his five years there, Bryce studied under several masters and worked on projects for many nationally renowned galleries and museums. Bryce was drawn to glass blowing by the extraordinary experience of working with glass in its liquid state, constantly in movement and very delicate. Working together with glass requires concentration, risk, passion, and artistic abilities that allow an artist to challenge one's mind while tapping into their creative abilities. It can become somewhat of a meditation state finding the zone, and creating unique, beautiful pieces. His inspiration is drawn from what moves him; nature, music, art, a given day or moment in time. Bryce endeavors to create designs of peace so he may focus and meditate, in peace and joy throughout the day. "Glass is ever changing, never stale for a moment. Working with glass is exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. I love it. One thing is certain, there is always a bit of me in each creation." Each unique piece at Vines Art Glass is a manifested reflection of Bryce's passion and heart, as well as his love for adventure.