Stephanie Burton - Ceramic House. This charming colorful house can hold a small candle or fairy lights.  First, a template is created for each house.  Then, they are assembled using stiff slabs of clay.  Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind.  For the final step, a copper oxide is added to the entire piece to give it an antique finish.  Colorful glazes are used - a combination of glossy and satin glazes gives the piece even more contrast.


3.75" long by 3" wide and 7.75" tall

Stephanie Burton Ceramic "Little Casa"

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  • Stephanie Burton - "Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul - and you answer! Being able to express myself creatively is one of the best gifts I could ever ask for. Art has saved me more than once. My most recent epiphany came roaring in like a freight train. This time, I listened."  Stephanie is a Ceramic Artist, Mixed-Media Artist and Teacher. She has a degree in Art and has worked in Ceramics for over 20 years. She has taught ceramics at several schools locally as well as internationally. Stephanie teaches Ceramic Workshops out of her studio in Vancouver, Washington and offers Clay Open Studio and Custom Firing. She also works as a Hand-building teacher at Georgies' Ceramics in Portland, Oregon.