Ray Jones - Curly Walnut Box.  Made entirely of unstained woods.  The box is protected with hand-rubbed coats of oil.

5.5" x 8" x 2.75"

Wood Jewelry Box

SKU: Rjones 492
  • "I love wood and am fascinated by wooden mechanisms and the intersections of various three-dimensional geometric shapes. I make boxes entirely of wood, including the hinges, fasteners, latches, and drawer slides. Wood is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it gives the lids, doors and drawers a wonderfully smooth action. The tremendous variety of woods that exist in the world intrigues me. I try to use sustainably harvested, plantation-grown, salvaged or otherwise “environmentally friendly” woods whenever possible. The plywoods in my turned boxes are handmade in my shop from selected veneers. My boxes are made without stains or dyes and are finished with multiple coats of a mixture of linseed oil, polyurethane, and mineral spirits. This protects the wood and brings out its natural color, texture and wonderful “feel”. All of my pieces are of my own design. A part time assistant helps with finishing and other tasks, always under my direct supervision. Trays, drawers, and partitions in some of my jewelry boxes are made by another woodworker using my designs, techniques, and some of my specially made tooling."